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I <3 My iPod Nano! I <3 My Colorado Avalanche!
I <3 Starbucks Coffee! I <3 the State of Colorado!

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Did You Know?
Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because he doesn't wear pants.


Aren't I Cute?  

Mindy. AKA: Cerasi. Female. 20. 5/26/86. Gemini. Alaska. American. Single. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Gainfully employed. Semi-twin sister to Jay. Easily annoyed. Snarky. Sarcastic. Quick tempered. Dyslexic. Smartass. Writer. Coffee addict. Drives fast. Sporadic ADD. Loud. Swears. Occasionally has Delusions of Grandeur. Shoe Goddess. Luvs Pickles and Mr. Teddy.

I Can't Get Enough Of...

Airports. Aflac Duck. Alex. Barry. Big cities. Books. Chick Lit. Chocolate. Coffee. Colorado. Chrissy. Computers. Cute guys. Day dreaming. Dancing. Eyeliner. Fanlistings. Fast cars. Friends. Food. Ford Mustangs. Happy endings. High heels. Hockey. Ice cream. Internet. iPod. Jay. Lexi. Mexican food. Music. Owen Wilson. PICKLES!. Reading. Roaming Gnome. SHOES. Shopping. Skirts. Stand-up Comedy. Starbucks. Steve McQueen. Stilettos. Stupid humor. Sunshine. Traveling. Twix bars. Vacations.

Things I Could Live Without...

Al Gore. Backstabbers. Blizzards. Hypodermic needles. Lawyers. Losing. Nickleback. Paris Hilton. People who mistake me for a 12-year-old. People who cut in front of you in line. Socks. Tom Cruise. Writer's Block.

Authors I'd Spend Money On...

Meg Cabot. Helen Fielding. Rachel Gibson. Deirdre Martin. Jill Winters.

People I Jam To...

AC/DC. Barenaked Ladies. Bon Jovi. Filter. Foo Fighters. Flying Neutrinos. Goo Goo Dolls. Green Day. Gwen Stefani. Led Zeppelin. Lifehouse. Hoobastank. Journey. The Killers. Kylie Minogue. Michael Buble. No Doubt. Pat Benatar. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Robbie Williams. Savage Garden. The Fray. The Offspring.

Shows That Rot My Brain...

Anything on Discovery Health Channel. Bones. The Colbert Report. CSI: [Vegas]. Desperate Housewives. Family Guy. Futurama. Ghost Whisperer. Lost. MadTV. NCIS. The Simpsons. Reno 911!. Unwrapped.

Films I'd Stand In Line For...

Anastasia. Bedazzled. Bridget Jones' Diary. Bridget Jones The Edge Of Reason. Cars. Don Juan diMarco. The Faculty. Finding Nemo. Heartbreakers. Indiana Jones Series. Just Like Heaven. Miss Congeneality. Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl. Robin Hood: Men In Tights. Scary Movie 3. Shrek 2. Spaceballs. Star Wars. (episodes IV-VI) Strange Brew. The Transporter.